Valhalla Market Informations

Valhalla is the second biggest Market of Darknet at the moment since Alphabay went offline.

The aim of Valhalla Market is to support freedom trade of every products

Hansa Market URL / Link:


Important questions & answers about Valhalla Market:

Why can i only visit Valhalla Market with the tor browser and not with the normal browsers like firefox, safari or chrome?

Because Valhalla Market is a part of the .onion network whiche can be only visit by Tor Browser


Since when does valhalla market exist?

Valhalla Marketplace exist since 1.10.2013


Where is Valhalla Market located?

Valhalla Market is located in Russia


How safe is it to buy on Valhalla Market?

To order on Valhallamarket is very very safe,because your adress you overgive with pgp encryption, Valhalla Marketplace dont safe anything of you no log, ip or anything else


Is valhalla market legit?

Yes it is one of the most legit market


How can i register?

Go to Valhalla Market Url there you find the link direct to register page


How transfer bitcoins to my VM wallet?

In the main menu there can you find BALANCE there you can find a bitcoin wallet adress, it isĀ  the long line of letters and numbers, but take care always you like to transfer new coins to your market wallet check if you got another wallet adress to transfer


What if i lose my withdraw pin?

After register successful you get a password phrase of some words, right them down because you need that words to recover your pin, if you lose that words not even the market support can help you


What if i lose my market password?

Some like with withdraw pin


How long to confirm my withdraw until i can use my coins?

Up to few hours but mostly after a hour


How can i see if a vendor is good?

Beside the vendor name you see his rating more down are all his feedbacks,read them good before you go to buy something


What is the escrow service?

Escrow is a service of VM whiche allows you not to lose your payment, only when your order arrived the vendor will get paid, otherwise you get back your bitcoin, but it is only for the case that nothing arrive, not for quality reasons


Can i get my coins back if i did buy without escrow?

No, when you buy without escrow there is no chance to get back your bitcoins


My order dont arrive,what can i do?

At least please wait a week and write to the vendor before you give him a bad feedback or report him to the support, in case a vendor dont answer you and shows no reactions, write to the support they will help you.But think good when you order from oversea of course your order can take week to arrive


What drugs and else can i buy on Valhalla Market?

Any drugs you want, heroin, cocain, ectasy, mdma, methamphetamin, amphetamin, weed, hash, steroids, pharmacies… / Counterfeids, Fraud, Services and…


How do i become a vendor on Valhalla market?

Register for free and go to Become a Vendor, the vendor bond is 1 btc


How much commission do i have to pay as a buyer?

As a buyer you dont have to pay any commission


How much commission do i have to pay as a vendor?

As a vendor you have to pay 2 – 5 % commission


Do i need to use a vpn server?

It is better to use a vpn server, it gives you a better safety to surf anonym