Hansa Market Tutorial

Hansa Market Tutorial

We show the official Hansa Market Tutorial

1.Do register on Hansa Market for free

To register on Hansa Market you need to create a username and password, confirm the password and solve the security challenge, ready for registration!

Hansa Market registration:




2.Login on Hansa Market

To login on Hansa Market go to this Hansa Market Link: http://hansamkt2rr6nfg3.onion/affiliate/184851

Use the user and password whiche you used to create your account + plus make the security challenge

Hansa Market login:

After succesful registration come to this main page

Hansa Market Main:



3.Search products by search box

A way to find any products

Search Box:


3.Search by browse category

Another way finding items is to search and browse by category

Search Category:


4.Choose an product

Chosed an product you like to buy



5.Read the feedback / rating of the vendor

Before you order check the feedback of a vendor, that is so important

Vendor feedback:


6.Buy the product

Press the BUY NOW to order the item, choose a delivery option





7.Leave your adress to a vendor

Leave the adress you want to send it to the vendor, dont need knowledge about pgp encryption, just use the Encrypt this message with the vendorĀ“s PGP Key (optional)

Adress box:


8.Pay the offer with Bitcoin

The option for pay is Bitcoin, Bitcoin is a internet online payment currency, to collect Bitcoin you have a Bitcoin wallet, from there you need to pay the product to the Bitcoin wallet adress you there.It is a long line made with numbers and letters.

Be sure you have enough coins on your wallet because you have only 15min. to pay, that timetable is short because the Bitcoin exchange rate can change fast.

Pay it:


After successful paying come to a confirmation site.


9.Check order status

The vendor got your order, now if you like to see how the order status is go there

Hansa Market order status:



10.Finalize your order and release your bitcoin

When your product arrived dont forget finalize your order, to finalize your order and release your bitcoin payment to the vendor go in the order overview on details and on

Order Finalize:



Confirm it:



11.Leave your feedback about the vendor and product

To be finish just leave a comment for other buyers about that order

Feedback / Rating to vendor:


This is the Hansa Market Tutorial, now you know how to buy on Hansa Market