PGP Encryption Tutorial

How to use pgp encryption?

To know how to encrypt messages for buying on darknet markets is not neccasary anymore because since last year the two biggest markets, Alphabay Market and Dream Market has integrate an automatic pgp encryption in their markets.But still is it important for ohters whiche does not have this feature.

1.Download the gpg4usb software

Choose the version like but the best is to use the newest version

2.Choose your language

There are a lot of languages for sure also yours

3.Create your Key

To create a keypair insert a user, email, choose never expire, as keysize use to highest, and your password

4.Insert the key of a vendor

To insert a new key of a vendor copy the the pgp code of the vendor whiche is on the order page of a vendor.Copy the vendor pgp code and paste it into your program.When this is done go to IMPORT KEY – EDITOR After this the vendor key is in.

5.Encrypt your adress or message

To encrypt it write your text inside the message box, go to the list on the right side choose the vendor you like write to and make a cross, than go to your Keypair in the right side list make a right click on your mouse and press the APPEND SELECTED KEY(S) TO TEXT.Now it is almost done, the last step is to go to ENCRYPT

6.Copy /paste that text

Copy this text and paste that in the adress box of the market


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