Valhalla Market Tutorial

1.Download the Tor Browser

Alphabay is a site on the .onion network,thatswhy you can only visit that Darknet Market only trough the Tor Browser, use Tor to surf anonym in the internet, Tor visit many other Server Ips (Nodes) before you it bring you to the Website you like to reach

Download here: Tor Download






2.Press the Valhalla link to Register

Go to this Url: http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/register/x4Y9

After pressing the link you come to Login site, there go to Register, Register on Valhalla is free



Give a username, password and pin for withdraw bitcoin and buying, write the password phrase words down and safe somewhere it is important to have them in case you lose your password or pin, without them you are not and even the support is not able to recover your pin and password



3.Load Bitcoins to your Valhalla Wallet

Go to BALANCE and load bitcoins to your Valhalla Wallet, please watch out with every new loading your wallet you will get a new bitcoin wallet adress where to send your coins, the very long series of letters and numbers is a wallet adress



4.Use searchbox, browse categories or search options

To find all products you can use the searchbox, or check and browse in the categories, and you can use search options to find vendors, countries from and to, rating of vendor or with and without escrow service

Searchbox and Categories:


Search options:


5.Purchase the item you like order

Choose and purchase a product



6.Read Product feedback and description

Read the item feedback and description very very good,please so you get exact what you want



7.Read about the Vendor, like rating,feedback and description

Check the rating, description and buyer feedback of the vendor before you buy,that is so important, because from high rates vendors you will never get fucked


8.Ready to buy, than go to BUY NOW

To order without escrow please just with vendors who has realy good feedback, choose a quantity, delivery option and go to BUY NOW

At the past you were needing a knowledge about pgp encryption to send your name, adress, postcode, city and country to the vendor, but now just take action to use the Alphabay Market pgp encryption below the adress box

Order page


9.You got your order,finalize escrow!

If you got your product, in case you order with escrow please dont forget to release your payment to the vendor, if it was an order with no escrow than just give a feedback to the vendor if you want, to release the coins go ORDERS in the menu

Please note that the escrow service protection is just in case that nothing arrive and not for quality complaints, read the feedback good and there are no reasons to complain

At least wait 7 – 10 days before you do report a vendor or give a bad feedback, because mostly when it take more time to arrive its a fould of the deliver company, and consider that when you did a oversea order of course that take time, dont worry most of time it take arround a week and faster to arrive!

Always before report first ask vendor for infos, a vendor has hundreds of messages and questions thatswhy dont expect a answer in a hour